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Subject: Mid-project product documentation

for CW#07, we shall (among others) provide:
- Mid-project product documentation (tagged on GitHub)
- Mid-project product release (tagged on GitHub)

A few questions about this:

1. In which format should the product documentation be delivered? And what should it contain? Is a simple "readme" file, explainig how to build/install the project, sufficient?

2. As far as I know, tags can only be used to tag a certain commid ID. It seems not possible to tag a certain file. So how can we tag the product documentation? Should we create a separate branch for that, which only contains the documentation?

3. Should also a tag for the Sprint be created (like done in the previous weeks: first "sprint-xx-release-candidate", then "sprint-xx-release")? Or should we only use "mid-project-release" this time?

4. Should we also create a release candidate prior to the Sprint Meeting (something like "mid-project-release-candidate")?
Dirk Riehle
Dirk Riehle
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Thanks for asking. We are pretty relaxed about specific formats, but I have now specified this in a bit more detail.

Mid-project documentation, includes

  • User documentation (no specific format, but include source and create PDF as output)
  • Build and deployment instructions (use markdown, no PDF necessary)
  • Technical documentation (your updated architecture, no specific format, but create PDF as output)

Just commit this as part of the project; the tag is the same as the product release tag.

Keep using the sprint release tag; add mid-project release tag this time.

No need to extra tag the release candidate with mid-project.

HTH, Dirk
Member since Mar 2017
69 posts
Thank you very much, that helped a lot!
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