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Subject: Questions regarding assignment 7

I have two questions regarding the new assignment 7:

- Will the bonus task in exercise 7.3 give bonus bonus points?
- Which notation should we use for exercise 7.2? In the lecture, there was a tree-like notation (slide 306) and a table notation (slide 311) for ND proofs. Since many of us attended "Grundlagen der Logik in der Informatik" and already know the Fitch notation, is it also okay to use that for these kind of exercises (and in the exam)?

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- The bonus task in 7.3 will give bonus bonus points.
- As for notation, Fitch is ok for the homeworks. I'm not yet sure whether it will be ok for the exam yet.

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Subject: number of variables in 7.3

I have one question regarding the problem 7.3
In eval predicate, how many variables should be assigned ? Is it just 2 (a, b), or it can be arbitrary ? (For example, a and b or c impl d)
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I'm not sure I understand the question. eval takes three parameters (see example in the assignment): the first is a formula (a impl b in the example), the second a variable assignment, and the third the evaluation of the formula to true or false. The formula could also be a and b or c impl d.

I hope this helps.
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Subject: Fitch in the exam?
+1 ursa

so will Fitch be OK in the exam?
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Yes, as per
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