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Subject: Kalah thread
There was a question about Kalah rules. You should use the rules described in the introduction section on the Wikipedia page, before the contents. I'm copying them here.

The game provides a Kalah board and a number of seeds or counters. The board has 6 small pits, called houses, on each side; and a big pit, called an end zone, at each end. The object of the game is to capture more seeds than one's opponent.

1. At the beginning of the game, four seeds are placed in each house. This is the traditional method.
2. Each player controls the six houses and their seeds on the player's side of the board. The player's score is the number of seeds in the store to their right.
3. Players take turns sowing their seeds. On a turn, the player removes all seeds from one of the houses under their control. Moving counter-clockwise, the player drops one seed in each house in turn, including the player's own store but not their opponent's.
4. If the last sown seed lands in an empty house owned by the player, and the opposite house contains seeds, both the last seed and the opposite seeds are captured and placed into the player's store.
5. If the last sown seed lands in the player's store, the player gets an additional move. There is no limit on the number of moves a player can make in their turn.
6. When one player no longer has any seeds in any of their houses, the game ends. The other player moves all remaining seeds to their store, and the player with the most seeds in their store wins.
It is possible for the game to end in a draw.

You can use a database, but your submission still needs to be submitted as .class, .java, .scala or .jar (meaning you need to bundle the database). We are figuring out what a sensible limit on this would be. It will, of course, be less than any limit imposed by StudOn.
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Subject: What's the limit for databases?
Hello Katja,

the Kalah homework is due tomorrow, right?
Is the limit still the same as the limit of StudOn (200 MB as far as I remember?).

Best regards, Marco and Tobias
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Yes, 200MB is ok.
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When and where will the tournament occur?
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I'm currently running the tournament on a laptop. It's just past round 1 (3 houses) and halfway into round 2 (4 houses).  A few agents that either produced exceptions or made an excessive amount of illegal moves got disqualified.  I expect to get through all the rounds by Monday or so.  On Tuesday, during lecture, we'll run a mini tournament between the winners from this year and past years. I'll also ask the teams with agents that did best or something interesting to talk about it briefly.

Should I post the intermediate scores?
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Yes please, we'd be interested in the scores.

Best regards :)
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Subject: Scores after round 1, 3 houses and 3 seeds
Most agents entered the first round. Possible reasons for not getting into the first round were not working with the framework (possibly with some minor fixes), me noticing that they simply duplicated the Random Player, or similar. In addition to the submitted agents, there were three random players (named somewhat predictably) and Dennis' agent Jazzpirate.

300    Prometheus
297    Kalahmari
282    DerGeisterPanzer
279    MohamedKalah
276    SchwanksAgent
264    Jazzpirate
252    awenga gscheida agent
246    Backblech
228    UberAgent
204    Jeshannes
165    GreedyAgent
165    KilalAgent
156    MiniMuskAgent
144    MyKalahRandomSolver
135    Oli
129    XXXKalaaaaahHuakbarXXX
129    JovialAgent
126    BeulahBot3
123    Fladni
120    Random2
102    Random1
99    Random3
99    Agent_of_ChJo
99    Jmi928A
99    Freedom4HK
99    CoHe
99    Tars
90    IsekaiTrash
66    SomeMinMaxAgent

The first round saw some exceptions (NullPointer by CoHeAgent, IllegalArgumentException by FladniAgent and a thread exception by LitzuckAgent) and illegal moves:

 329    CoHe
 320    Fladni
 134    Oli
 107    BeulahBot3
  80    IsekaiTrash
  29    XXXKalaaaaahHuakbarXXX
  18    MiniMuskAgent
  12    KilalAgent
   9    Prometheus
   2    SchwanksAgent

Agents that did not throw exceptions and had at most 100 illegal moves in total got into round 2.
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Subject: Scores after round 2, 4 houses and 4 seeds
Here are the results after round 2 (corrected after a naming error)

632    Prometheus
621    Kalahmari
572    UberAgent
572    SchwanksAgent
570    DerGeisterPanzer
532    Jazzpirate
523    MohamedKalah
500    Backblech
492    awenga gscheida agent
384    Jeshannes
320    MyKalahRandomSolver
307    Tars
296    MiniMuskAgent
277    KilalAgent
275    Agent_of_ChJo
261    GreedyAgent
253    XXXKalaaaaahHuakbarXXX
237    JovialAgent
199    Jmi928A
195    Freedom4HK
190    Random1
179    Random3
164    Random2
158    SomeMinMaxAgent
90    IsekaiTrash
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Results after round 3, 6 houses and 6 seeds:

1173    Kalahmari
1118    Prometheus
1094    SchwanksAgent
1052    UberAgent
961    MohamedKalah
934    Jazzpirate
900    awenga gscheida agent
896    Backblech
786    DerGeisterPanzer
637    Tars
629    Agent_of_ChJo
602    MiniMuskAgent
588    Jeshannes
536    MyKalahRandomSolver
499    KilalAgent
495    JovialAgent
381    Freedom4HK
367    Jmi928A
349    XXXKalaaaaahHuakbarXXX
333    GreedyAgent
290    SomeMinMaxAgent
280    Random1
263    Random3
176    Random2
90    IsekaiTrash
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Scores after round 4, 8 houses and 8 seeds:

In round 4, another agent was added (due to some earlier issues) - Stein3000.

1925    Kalahmari
1814    SchwanksAgent
1758    Prometheus
1732    UberAgent
1561    MohamedKalah
1524    awenga gscheida agent
1494    Jazzpirate
1424    Backblech
1250    DerGeisterPanzer
1085    Tars
1058    MiniMuskAgent
1037    Agent_of_ChJo
924    Jeshannes
871    JovialAgent
856    MyKalahRandomSolver
723    KilalAgent
685    Freedom4HK
639    Jmi928A
546    SomeMinMaxAgent
533    XXXKalaaaaahHuakbarXXX
445    GreedyAgent
384    Random1
304    Random2
303    Random3
90    IsekaiTrash
64    Stein3000

I also checked for illegal moves:

 479    Stein3000
 164    XXXKalaaaaahHuakbarXXX
 101    KilalAgent
  98    DerGeisterPanzer
   8    SomeMinMaxAgent
   5    awenga gscheida agent
   3    MiniMuskAgent
   2    Prometheus
   2    SchwanksAgent
   1    MohamedKalah

Agents not continuing to the next round are those that did not get a score over 800 or made over 90 illegal moves.

Random (1-3)
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Scores for the top 13 and Jazzpirate for round 5, 10 houses and 10 seeds

2405    Kalahmari
2334    SchwanksAgent
2178    Prometheus
2152    UberAgent
1864    awenga gscheida agent
1861    MohamedKalah
1794    Jazzpirate
1544    Backblech
1278    MiniMuskAgent
1245    Tars
1157    Agent_of_ChJo
984    Jeshannes
956    MyKalahRandomSolver
951    JovialAgent
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Scores for the top 13 and Jazzpirate for round 6, 12 houses and 12 seeds

3005    Kalahmari
2934    SchwanksAgent
2658    Prometheus
2656    UberAgent
2272    awenga gscheida agent
2245    MohamedKalah
2118    Jazzpirate
1736    Backblech
1542    MiniMuskAgent
1461    Tars
1349    Agent_of_ChJo
1052    MyKalahRandomSolver
1044    Jeshannes
999    JovialAgent

I would like to ask the top 3 teams and anyone else who things they did something interesting to tell us tomorrow during the lecture.
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Of course, congratulations to the winners, and everybody else, especially those who got to stretch their programming skills!
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+1 sofa03
I think you should include in the assignment description that it is not allowed to return illegal moves or throw exceptions or modify the framework to fail  whenever an agent does one of these.
It was never said that it is not allowed to throw exceptions or do illegal moves as far as I know.

I also think it is quite unfair that DerGeisterPanzer was disqualified because at first the limit was 100 illegal moves and later suddenly 90 - probably just to disqualify DerGeisterPanzer. (Even though this change was good for my bonus points)

Teams that made agents like DerGeisterPanzer probably put many hours into creating their agent and then get disqualified for some illegal moves even though it was not forbidden to do return them.
As said before I think it would be good to include this in the problem statement so everyone can simply do a big try/ catch and use a simple method to prevent illegal moves.
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Subject: Homework points for the Kalah tournament
The criteria for the points were not throwing exceptions, working with the framework, performing better than the random player, playing few illegal moves. In general an agent got 100 points, if it performed marginally better than the random player and did not throw exceptions.

Agents did not enter the tournament if they didn't work with the framework, simply duplicated the RandomPlayer, or similar. Agents that didn't work with the framework, were throwing errors, or otherwise did not do much got 60 points. Agents that performed comparably to the random player got 80 points.

The first round (3 houses, 3 seeds) mainly served to eliminate agents that were producing exceptions or excessive numbers of illegal moves.

All other agents participated in rounds 2-4 (4, 6, 8 houses and seeds). At this point, there were too many agents to include them all in the following rounds (if nothing else, for running purposes).

Finally, some bonus points were awarded to a team that presented a different approach, whose agent didn't get any extra points for a good score.

Please check that I got all the teams right. If your agent didn't get bonus points, you didn't get any bonus points, but you talked about your solution in the discussion, also let me know.

200    Kalahmari
190    SchwanksAgent
180    Prometheus
170    UberAgent
160    AwengaGscheidaAgend
150    MohamedKalah
140    BackblechAgent
130    MiniMuskAgent
120    Tars
120    Stein3000
110    Agent_of_ChJo
100    DerGeisterPanzer
100    MyKalahRandomSover
100    AlphaBetaPruningAgent
100    JovialAgent
100    KilalAgent
100    Freedom4HK
100    Jmi928A
100    KalahGAgent
100    DavidManuLiamAgent
100    GreedyAgent
80    LitzuckAgent
80    BeulahBot3
60    FladniAgent
60    CoHe
80    IsekaiTrash
60    TotoAndRose
60    Player
60    Dog
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