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Subject: MMT Installation Guide
This guide is a quick summary I made to help other students quickly install MMT. It worked for me on MAC OS. You can try it on windows too.
Disclaimer: The official installation guide is found here: I merely show the steps that worked for me. Refer to the official guide in case you have trouble installing MMT.

Here is mine. Ten Steps to install MMT:

#faui2k15, GTI-Tutor a. D.
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+1 algocrack
Awesome that you want to improve MMT's documentation and actually share this!

Feel free to make PRs at (click 'edit' in the footer)! I've just taken the liberty to incorporate some of your suggestions into that very document and to simplify it, most importantly that the IntelliJ version should match the the one compatible with the plugin.

Right, scala-sbt is also needed for development of MMT. (Although IntelliJ prepackages SBT, it works a bit strangely in recent times.) We should create another article on setting up MMT for dev, I guess. Or edit the existing one. Actually, this is a good thing to work on in the next TODO day at the kwarc group, I guess; I'll forward that.

PS: I'm just a student who is involved with MMT due my current M. Sc. project and my previous B. Sc. thesis. So I am not actually affiliated with the LBS course.
#faui2k15, GTI-Tutor a. D.
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I've just had another look at this:
Install Scala-sbt:
then search for Scala and then mmt. Install both plugins.
Why exactly did you need Scala-sbt and the Scala plugin? Did IntelliJ prompt you setup any Scala SDK?+

In any case, this is now tracked in, and hopefully tackled at the next todo day.
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Thanks Marcel. That's a very good question :D. Actually I sometimes did program in scala, so sbt + the scala plugin was already installed on my PC. And since I read that MMT uses Scala underneath, I assumed that a fresh installation might require Scala sbt +- the scala plugin. So just to be sure I added it to the installation steps.
I probably should have mentioned that too on the guide.

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commands don't seem to be working for me. I simply get a "command not found" error.
I installed via the official installation guide and am using GLF through jupyter notebooks. Any idea on throubleshooting?
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