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Subject: Problem 5, map coloring, availablecolors, etc.
I think I managed to fix the situation with the notebook. There may or may not be a bug in availablecolors (apart from the fact that it does the opposite of what it says). It works for me now on some tests. If it does not work for you, please let me know just how it crashes, best here in the forum.

If you run the sample paint query on a clean setup, you should get
ColoredMap = [sa:red, tas:red, vic:red, nsw:red, qld:red, nt:red, wa:red]
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In there is a missing semicolon, isn't it?

arrangecolors([Country:Neighbors|Rest], ColorList, TempList, ColoredMap) :-
%    Tracing:
%    write('Color:'), write(Color),write(' TempList:'), write(TempList),nl,
    different(Color,Neighbors,TempList) <- here
    arrangecolors(Rest,ColorList,[Country:Color|TempList], ColoredMap).
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In reply to post #1
We already submitted a working solution with the original code.
Do you want us to find another one with the updated code?

sortedcountries(Countries,TempList,SortedCountries) :-
    % write(SortedCountriesWithConstraints), nl,
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arrangecolors is in the Edit section, which is the one you were supposed to fix.
As for sortedcountries, either is ok.
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