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Subject: Bonus Challenge: Constraint Networks and Cutsets
Challenge: Give an example of a constraint network where using a cutset does not work. (10 Bonus Bonus Points)

Hint 1: You've probably seen it in the lectures or tutorials.

Hint 2: What kind of a graph does the network need to have?


Submit by email to Katja. You can't submit this one as a group. Maximally 5 submitted solutions can get points. First come, first serve.

Bonus Bonus Points are added to your Bonus Points but do not count towards the total of achievable bonus points:

ratio of bonus points = min((bonus points+bonus bonus points)/bonus points,1)

In other words you can make up for missed bonus points but not get more than 100% of the bonus points.
Member since Oct 2019
86 posts
So far, I've received three solutions, so there's still time to get these bonus bonus points.
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