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Subject: Homework (May 16th)
1. Implement the missing proof rules for a full natural deduction calculus, following the rules in
2. Prove the SCombinator in PLSyntax
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The SCombinator we defined in the lab seems to be missing a bracket due to ⟹ not being defined as right associative, i.e.
(P ⟹ (Q ⟹ R)) ⟹ (P ⟹ Q) ⟹ (P ⟹ R)  should actually be (P ⟹ (Q ⟹ R)) ⟹ ((P ⟹ Q) ⟹ (P ⟹ R))

Otherwise you cannot prove the homework.
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Urgh, yes, sorry, I'm so used to the function arrow being right-associative that I didn't even think that the other one might not be...:D
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