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Subject: CW2 - Homework Summary
Hi everybody,

short question about the summary for CW2. Does anyone know if we should quote when we take something directly from the text?

...More precisely, i have a hard time shorten up the proposed guidelines, therefore i quoted two of them directly from the text. Did Prof. Riehle mention anything about how we should identify the quoted text?

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Hi Flo,

I'm wondering if you might be off by 1 week somehow? Next Tuesday you should submit the deliverable for CW03, as per slide deck A02 that is a structured analysis of [H+04].

In the structured analysis itself, you usually do not have quotes from the text (although everything in the structured analysis is linked to quotes from the text). Now, when you're learning about QDA, I've seen suggested guidelines of putting concepts with terminology taken directly from the source material (so-called "in-vivo codes") in quotes to distinguish them from concepts that are abstractions you've named yourself (or use some other visual distinction like color-coding etc). But that is just one possible guideline in coding. But more on these issues later in the course.

Generally, I recommend checking out the example structured summary in the link I've sent around earlier this week.

To answer your question in a different context, when you are taking some text directly from some other author, you always have to correctly attribute it to the original author to not plagiarize. In a summary, try not to overuse quotations though. When you are writing up a theory based on some qualitative research however, as you'll be doing later in the course, good quotations are a very useful and frequently used tool in your toolbox to present your theory in a vivid manner.

Hope this helps and answers your question.

Best Regards,
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Subject: Oh i might misunderstood the task
Hi Andreas,

thanks for your quick response. I was absolutly off. I created a step by step structured analysis, as presented in B04 but forgot about the restrictions at page 10. That's why i worked through step 1-4. Alright, then there is no problem anymore. Thank you!

Best regards,
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