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Betreff: Exam 13.02.2017 Task 2.4
Dear tutors,

in the exam from 13.02.2017, Task 2.4, we need to reorder the nodes in such a way that alpha-beta pruning prunes as many branches as possible.

I see a pattern there that leaf values are ordered in descending order, but actually the number of pruned nodes does not change as long as you put C left-most. Only the nodes that are pruned changes.

Just to make sure, is there some deeper meaning behind this ordering in descending order or are any solutions that lead to the maximum number of pruned subnodes valid?

Thank you and kind regards,
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If you want to be safe, you do it like that, but there can of course be other valid solutions. The only goal is to prune as much as possible and numbers don't care about what they stand for.
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