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Nora Go
Member since Oct 2014
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Subject: Assignment 12.4
Hi :)

maybe I'm just getting tired, but Fill_p= ... add:{..., Jug_q(m-x)} does not look correct to me. As m = min(x+y,p), m-x would be something like min(y, p-x). This however makes no sense for Jug_q, as it will either be empty (0) or y- (p-x) = y+x-p.
Same applies for the delete list of Fill_q.

Can you help me understand this?
Member since Oct 2016
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I vaguely remember one of the tutors complaining that there's an error there as well, so there probably is ;)

Disregard the arithmetics, the important thing is the STRIPS formalism ;)
Nora Go
Member since Oct 2014
18 posts
hm :D

so another question to STRIPS: Do we use the delete or the add list first?
Member since Dec 2011
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Does not matter, since it has to fullfill Add /\ Del = {}

For understanding i would see it as Add before Delete. This way you make sure to not delete stuff you added.
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