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+2 lu60ruhy, tyr
For natural deduction I found these examples very helpful:
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Zitat von F.W.:
For natural deduction I found these examples very helpful:

That looks awesome :-)
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One more comment on my hand-scribbled solution for 5.2:

Note that since I instantiated X with b in the left branch of the tableau-proof, I *have to* instantiate X in the right branch by the same value b (it's not really made clear in my proof, sorry about that). That's because a substitution applies to all formulas resulting from an elimination of a quantifier, which in this case is right in the first step of the proof, whereas the quantifier binding Y is eliminated separately in each branch (hence I may substitute Y by different values in both branches).

If I wanted to instantiate X by a *different* value in the right branch, I would have to reliminate the \exists X *again* in the right branch, forcing me to redo all of the steps above the branching step, which wouldn't help me in this particular proof.
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Have you seen the examples here (PL):…

and here (FOL):…


The calculus is slightly different (No TND but a few more rules) but the notation is very similar.
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