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Betreff: Assignment 11
Hallo everyone,
In the Assignment 11 the functions I(=), I(P), I(<=), ... are not defined. Can we do the Assignment without it ?
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Yes, you can. "Prove" refers to what proof calculi do, i.e. show that they're valid, i.e. hold in *all* models - i.e. under all interpretation functions.
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Will there be a solution for the Assignment 11?

I'm asking for a friend ...
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Done :)
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Antwort auf Beitrag #3
As it was rather tedious to do that exercise 1 year ago, I somehow like to see my work being useful.
At… you can see my own solution, which should be correct.
It has way more details then the official solution and also has way more justifications, so you might want to see it...

(all those hours learning how to use LaTeX Busproofs, lplfitch, etc ...   :huh: )
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