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Wolfgang Händler
Member since Apr 2016
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Subject: Not enough time for Kalah?!
In our opinion, one week is way too less time for the Kalah assignment. Is it only us who think so?

@KWARC: Is it possible to postpone the deadline?

PS: At the moment the deadline is 10th November.
Poll: Do you think we have enough time for the Kalah assignment?
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(16 votes · 94%) No
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Member since Oct 2016
806 posts
+1 tyr
errm... two weeks... you've been explicitly told to start looking at the framework with the second-to-last exercise sheet...

It's somewhat unfortunate that I couldn't give you two weeks for the kalah-stuff alone, but there where outside constraints I couldn't influence that forced me to set the deadline such that we can do the tournament itself next week when Prof. Kohlhase is gone*. Additionally however, you needed to do adversarial search first, and you *also* need to be prepared for the exam, hence you need/needed additional exercises for minimax, alpha-beta and (now) constraint satisfaction problems.

This is annoying and I would have loved to do it differently, but these factors are out of my control. I'm open to suggestions.

*I've been told just today that this might change, so potentially(!) we can move the deadline by another week. Don't count on it though, and this doesn't change the fact that you'll need minimax, alpha-beta and CSP exercise sheets, too.
Jonas S
Member since Jul 2016
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+1 metareflektor
Why not do the assignment in the winter break?
Member since Oct 2016
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+1 julupu
Because the whole point was to fill next week when Prof.Kohlhase isn't there with the tournament. For which of course I need to weed out the top 3 agents first (which will take a couple of days of leaving my laptop running 24/7). Then we can use one of the two lectures to talk about what the best agents did and why.

So much for the idea, at least.

Also, I'm pretty sure if I do it over the winter breaks people will rightfully complain as well - it's one thing to give you homework which can be done in like a week, another thing to basically assume you'll spend all of your winter break on perfecting your kalah agents. That's not what breaks are for.
kissen (Moderator)
Member since Oct 2014
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+6 tomabrafix, tyr, Jazzpirate, LasagneAlForno, Tenma, ...
Dear Mr Händler,

I realize that it is quite difficult to implement a competitive Kalah agent on Zuse hardware. While your continued support for this classic piece of hardware and refusal of wasteful over-consumption of new products is admirable, it might be time to upgrade.
Member since Oct 2016
806 posts
Update: We'll probably actually move the deadline until after the christmas break - if only so I can in good conscience give you a proper exercise sheet tomorrow :D
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