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Subject: Assignment 6
So on the assignment sheet it says "implement your own agent" and is rewarded with 100 points. I heard that those points are awarded if the agent beats the already implemented RandomPlayer. But since this is not mentioned on the assignment sheet, I would like to make sure if that is correct?
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Your assignment is to implement an AI playing Kalah. Obviously, this means your agent should actually play Kalah, i.e. attemptng to win a game. Moving randomly is hence *not* playing Kalah. Consequently, I at the very least would expect your agents to consistently beat random players (ignoring statistical outliers, of course).

Oh, and of course, I require your code to a) compile and b) run without throwing exceptions ;)
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Also something important to say:

Include the names (and FAU ids) of your teammates somewhere in the files you hand in!

Best practise would be to use a comment in your main source file which looks like this
/* authors:
     Stuart Russell, ab12cdef
     Peter Norvig, gh34ijkl
    Alan Turing, mn56opqr

See the comment below from Jazzpirate which alludes to the documentation in this file:…

And for your convenience, I created a Stuvepad, where you could check whether your preffered agent name is already taken, since
Please give your class/object a unique name (i.e. not something like MyAgent)

Please use this pad here: by writing the name you have chosen into it and make sure it is not already in there.

You may ask why?

1. you may not be that creative and we end up with duplicates of Kalah-Agent
2. you may try to be creative but fail and we end up with duplicates of AgentSmith or Agent007 or else

This method is not 100% perfect, but together with some common sense it should work ;)
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Actually the documentation explicitly states to implement a required field in your agent which contains all of your full names.

If you don't do that, I can't grade and/or evaluate your agents, and I don't feel I need to, because you didn't adhere to the assignment ;)
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btw: i suppose the Readme is outdated regarding classpath "info.kwarc.teaching.AI.Kalah.WS1817.agents". I suppose you want WS1918
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