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Subject: Material from the Wednesday Tutorial Session & Bonus Challenge
Hi everyone,

I just want to provide all of you with the current location of the material I used in the tutorial today.

Right now you can find it at

This will change, as we (the tutors) will find a better and more centralized way of providing you with all our material.

During the tutorial I said that there is the possibility to get Bonus-Bonus Points (their sole purpose is to compensate for points lost in other assignments, so that you get to the 100% of all Bonus Points in the end. These 100% then grant you a 10% Bonus in the exam, so you won't get more than these 10%!).

This week you all should be quite busy with the normal assignments, but if you have the time, you can have a look at the file at the link above.

If you can alter the sibling_of() rule in such a way, that when querying it, you will not get symmetrical doubles, you will get 10 Bonus Points.
by querying for sibling_of(Sibling1,Sibling2). you should not get both substitutions Sibling1 = jamie, Sibling2 = tyrion and  Sibling1 = tyrion, Sibling2 = jamie. Both of these are in our thinking ("real world") the same, for Prolog they are not!

Please send the solution to the email you find in the tut_slides01.pdf at the location given above, the deadline is the same as the first homework assignment.

Disclaimer: I do not have a solution fo this yet, so this might be a rather advanced issue, or it is trivial, we will see :)
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Subject: Monday Tutorial Material and Challenge
We should have a common location for all our material ready soon. In the meantime let me also point you to the material covered in my Monday Tutorial (10:15-11:45):

On SWISH you can find the material covered in the Monday tutorial and the solutions:



You can edit the notebooks by forking them (go to file/save and then click the "fork" button).

Also if you are longing for more challenges, the challenge to define addition and multiplication for the integers based on the definitions provided in the SWISH notebook is still open for 10 bonus points (due to the late announcement the deadline is Saturday, 3rd November, 23.59; send to my email address which you find on Studon or on my homepage (

Be aware that I have not tried to solve this so it might be very easy or very hard (if it turns out to be very hard, a convincing explanation why it is very hard will also earn the points).
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