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Subject: Connection to scheduler failed
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It's me again!

I finally managed to upload my files, but when I want to create a report fossology stops executing Jobs and the report is not executed.

This error message pops up:
"Connection to the scheduler failed. Is the scheduler running?
socket_connect() failed. Reason: () Connection refused"

How can I make the scheduler run long enough to draw a report?

Best wishes,
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Same thing keeps on happening to me too. Scheduler keeps on failing on numerous occasions, without apparent or consistent reason. Restarting or killing the container does not help since it just fails again at certain point.

I also tried to manually start, stop, graceful-stop, restart and reload the scheduler. The first ones run with no difference to my disconnected scheduler and when I reload I get this error: ERROR: fo_cli.c.92: unable to connect to localhost port: 24693

I hope we get a helpful answer.
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I'm facing the same issue. Did anyone find a workaround for this?
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On my instance the report jobs don't start as well.

but where do you see the error message?
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I've faced the same issue, after a long time of not using the server, I guess the session ended, when I uploaded the new file ... anyway restarting the docker was my solution, which solved the problem for me.
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I have the same problem.
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bump, I am facing the same issue!
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