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Subject: License Scan
I don't find any registration in crowd grader for the coming homework in the course schedule (…)

Further there is also no mention of any cohort information in this doc:

BTW, when is the due date of that homework?

Best regards!
Nikolay Harutyunyan
Member since Oct 2016
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We will give you the details of the homework assignment later today. --Cheers, Nick
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The assignment states, that we should Create a license scanning report.
Fossology however offers multiple types of reports/summaries.

Are we supposed to generate a Unified Report (docx) which we convert to a PDF file afterwards or does the assignment require a different type of report to be submitted?

Best regards,
Dirk Riehle
Member since Sep 2009
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We want a license scan and its results. Details are left to you, please consider the introduction from last class.
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Subject: Export to SPDX after manual review of license critical results possible?
+1 Dirk Riehle
In the guest talk the speaker could export his report to e.g. SPDX format. I tried to do this as well after I manually had a look over all critical passages offered by Fossology and decided whether they are license relevant. Unfortunately, it is not possible to print my results to a report. Could you image why this is not possible? I have already used Google and could not figure out why the problem occurs.

My workflow was the following:
- uploading the git versioncontrol files via the repo url
- running nomos and the other scanners
- click on the uploaded projects title in section "browse"  and then manually checking the found license results and excluding unimportant results
- select the uploaded projects title in section "browse" and choose "export to spdx" from the dropdown menu

I would be thankful for an ansser!
Dirk Riehle
Member since Sep 2009
320 posts
Hi, I don't know either, but I'd try the FOSSology community if you don't get help here. --Dirk
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