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Betreff: Team Contract Deliverables
I do have a short question regarding the team contract.

Since we are not able to get all people together this week to sign the printed version of the team contract and… states that we have to hand in a printed version anyway at the next lecture the question is whether simply submitting the unsigned version this evening fulfills the requirements.

Since there has been some debate inside the team what the right course of action would be a clarification would be appreciated.

Furthermore does everyone on the team have to submit the contract or just the PO's?
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Dirk Riehle
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The deliverable is a team contract, signed in person by each team member, by tonight. No need to hand in a physical copy next week. (Only the contrib. agreement needs a physical copy.)

We want you to take the team contract serious. That means you all discussed it at the team meeting and agreed to it and then signed. No problem if everything was written by hand.

If you don't have all signatures it means that some people were not present when you finished and as a consequence the may or may not agree or simply be indifferent. Then, the team contract may not serve its purpose when it becomes relevant.

If you don't have all signatures, please upload what you have and gather the rest of them by next Wednesday and give it to us then.
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