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Betreff: No. of sprints left - confusion

1) Do we have a final sprint in the week from July 8th to July 15th? Or do we end with the last sprint on July 8th?
According to the course material, there would be a final sprint starting July 8th. BUT then we would not have the chance to do review, release and retrospective accordingly as we have the final demo already at 10:15 on July15th. However, it would make sense to fix bugs in the last week before the final demo, isn't it?

2) Is there any bigger team retrospective planned or do we just do the overall team retrospective individually after the final demo day?

3) Are we done on Wednesday after the 90 min. final demo day? I have an exam on that day, so I need to check if I can make it.

Thanks a lot for clarifying!

Dirk Riehle
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The last week (up until the demo day) is the release sprint. Obviously, you should not do your final session on demo day but organize to release earlier in the days before.
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