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Subject: Estimated and real effort in Burn-Down Calculation
Dear teaching team,
We updated the Planning Document and ran into the question on how to account for changes between estimates and real effort:

 - If the planning poker leads to different results than the previous estimate, then the estimation is updated and not yet the real value, correct?
 - In the review, developers are asked if the real effort diverged from the planning poker estimate and if yes, this is reflected in the "Real Effort" Column in the Feature Archive.

Would the "Real Burn-Down" Line have a different starting point than "Estimated Burn-Down" since the real total of story points is lower, or would they have the same starting point and "Real Burn-Down" would stop at a point above zero? We would suggest the first approach, but again wanted to confirm if this assumption is correct?
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Subject: 2nd part Burn-down
And another question that came up in this regard:

For the Second part of the course: Do we extend the original burn-down chart to 12 sprints or do we start a new burn-down chart towards the final release?

Thank you!
Dirk Riehle
Dirk Riehle
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In reply to post #1

if you play planning poker again and gives you a new estimate, use that. Ideally, however, the feature was small enough so that you had to play only once.

The real burn-down, until you finished the release, is a combination of the real data + the predicted data. We use a simple burn-down so yes, the total amount of story point (your starting point) changes.

The second part of the course is a second release; please start a second 6 week release, not taking the first product release into account.

Ann Barcomb
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We were asked via email

The final release burn-down chart looks according to the release plan defined two weeks ago. Should we modify that plan according to the reality? (Which means moving user stories from one Sprint to another, recalculating estimated effort and so on?)

I answered:
You should adapt the planning as you learn more, either because you get a new idea of the stories that should be implemented or because you get new insight into the progress being made toward the goal.

Prof. Riehle answered it more directly:
The release plan and burn down chart should reflect reality which means they get adjusted every week.
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