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Contact data

FSI Informatik
Martensstr. 3
room 02.150-113
91058 Erlangen
Overall plan
Phone: +49 9131 85-27939
(see note on the left)

There are several possibilities to reach us. The best way is to just drop us an e-mail, however sometimes a personal conversation is more fruitful. That is why our FSI room is open in many cases.

FSI room

Our room is the central contact point to the FSI. If you come over at the right times you can take a rest on the couch and have a tea / coffee or something else. You can find us in the “blue skyscraper” on the second floor. Once you are on the second floor turn (stairs: left, elevator: right) and then left. You should now be able to see us with your own eyes :)

Office hours

We do not have regular office hours. However, most of the time there is somebody in the FSI room that can help you. On the top right there is an indicator weather the FSI room is open or not (offen: open, geschlossen: closed). If you want to make sure somebody is there when you drop by, send us a mail and tell us when and about what it is that you want to talk about. That way we can ensure that even for trickier questions there is somebody knowledgable there.

Contact online

First of all, we have our very active forums.. Aside from the forums, students from every year aswell as the FSI have IRC channels. Almost everybody in the FSI is also active in IRC.

The FSI uses the IRCnet (i.e. or The channels for every years class have a naming scheme: “#faui” + year in format 2kYY. For example “#faui2k13” for the class of 2013. You can find an introduction to IRC at irc.

E-mails for jobs, panels, polls, internships etc.

You are welcome to independently make a forum post about your offer. We have a section jobs and [[|another section for everything else. Unfortunately we do not have an alternative. We do not offer a bulletin-board, newsletter or something similar.

The department of computer science runs another job exchange. Furthermore, there is one more job exchange, run by the alumnus club of technical facility. To search for a job at university, please use the UnivIS.

In a case of urgency – i.e. abuse or assumed infringement – please contact the webmaster!