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Welcome to the English version of the website of the FSI computer science. Please note that information on the English pages could be outdated as the German version is not automatically translated upon edit.
You can find records of exams here but we strive to offer an any kind of useful information. If you think there's something missing, tell us!

The FSI meets Thursdays at 19:30 o'clock on the 2nd floor of the blue computer science tower. Everyone who is interested in our work is invited to join us. We work as transparent as possible and offer public protocols, planning and work groups.

In our next meeting at 20.04.2021 (Di), 18:00 Uhr we talk about these topics.


  • Morgen, 13:00 Uhr: Master-ESE AI
  • 20.04.2021 (Di), 18:00 Uhr: FSI-Treffen Ort:
  • 27.04.2021 (Di), 18:00 Uhr: FSI-Treffen Ort:
  • 04.05.2021 (Di), 18:00 Uhr: FSI-Treffen Ort:


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